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Why Professional Certificates?

For over 30 years, PDG has brought together professionals in higher education and industry experts to address the challenges and questions that impact their day-to-day operations and shape the course of departmental and institutional development.

Not everyone can attend these events -- due to time, budget and scheduling issues. And so many sessions are available at our events that there’s always a handful of critical session that could not be attended.

Our Professional Certificate Programs represent the best, most current and most relevant content from these events. Hand-picked and organized around the specific needs of specific fields, our Certificate Programs help solve immediate issues, lay the groundwork for future development and help prepare the student for career advancement.

How Do I Use This Service?

First, choose the Program that fits your objectives. Click on each program listed to access details and session descriptions: Bursars and Student Financial ServicesCollection and ReceivablesAccounts Payable and Purchasing CardsLeadership, Social Media and Treasury and Financial Management.

Enroll in your chosen Certificate Program and listen to a series of 60-minute courses at your convenience on your PC Smartphone or Tablet. At the end of each session, take a test on the material covered. A certificate is awarded when all courses have been completed and tests passed with a score of 80% or better. 

What Are the Immediate Benefits?

  • The Certificate Programs are constructed to provide strategies and steps that can be immediately implemented for tangible results, to solve problems and improve results

  • Special attention is paid to helping enrollees understand ‘next-level’ challenges and functions, in order to prepare them for career advancement.

  • As institutions look to consolidate, downsize, foster interdepartmental cooperation and do more with less, it is critical to understand the needs and perspectives of other departments. The Certificate Programs are an excellent source of horizontal perspective and understanding.

  • Completing a Certificate Program sends a clear signal to employers and superiors about your ability, willingness and desire to improve your knowledge, build your skills and advance your career.

  • Wearing your Lapel Pin at conferences identifies you as an expert with up-to-date information in your field. You’ll stand out as a good source of information and someone worth engaging.